• “I always receive a really friendly welcome and I actually feel like the team knows me,”

    I’m not a big fan of dentists but I do appreciate the level of information provided by Emma Hewitt, my dentist at Castle Gate Dental Practice. It’s good to know what’s going on and Emma always provides clear options. This helps me feel like I have some level of control over what’s happening in my mouth. I really appreciate this.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a nervous patient but I had quite a lot of dental treatment when I was a child that didn’t provide me with a great experience of dentists. Prior to joining Castle Gate I hadn’t seen a dentist for some time because of commuting and work commitments but I’m now rectifying that with Emma’s help.

    We joined Castle Gate Dental Practice in September 2015 and as well as seeing Emma regularly for dental health examinations I have also had a crown and a bridge fitted. I also see the hygienist regularly and, although I sometimes feel a bit like a naughty school boy, she has taught me about good and bad practice, as well as general care and maintenance, so I know what I need to be doing at home.

    The regularity of these dental and hygiene appointments has definitely had a positive effect on the health of my teeth. I was only seeing my old dentist intermittently before, so this is a step in the right direction and I’m back in the habit.

    I always receive a really friendly welcome when I arrive at Castle Gate Dental Practice and I actually feel like they know me. I feel like there is a genuine, personal level of care from reception, the dental nurses and right through to the dentist.

    Neil Truelove, Dursley

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  • “My teeth are perfectly straight now - and tooth whitening was the icing on the cake,”

    I have had lots of treatment at Castle Gate Dental Practice over the last 12 months and I am very pleased with the results. I have a brilliant smile now. I was never one to hide my smile but now my son and daughter say it looks so much better. The results have certainly given me confidence.

    I have been a patient at Castle Gate Dental Practice for nine years and I saw an advert for Six Month Smiles, so I asked Richard whether he thought I would be suitable.

    On my top set of teeth I had a plate with a single tooth and next to it was a 20-year-old crown that had become mismatched colour-wise. I had plodded on with my teeth for years mainly because until I found Richard, I had never had a dentist I fully trusted to carry out complex bridge work.

    I have always disliked my bottom teeth because they were crowded and misplaced. I didn’t have a proper bite either and I was worried that if I just had the top teeth improved, my crooked bottom teeth would have damaged my top ones.

    Following my appointment, Richard provided me with lots of options and a really good breakdown of costs. I was able to spread the payments and I knew exactly what I needed to pay and when. I decided that I wanted the best of everything - I am 55 and my husband joked that I’d better have all the treatment done now so that I would get my money’s worth!

    I had a centre tooth removed at the bottom and Six Month Smiles clear braces fitted to the top and bottom. My teeth are perfectly straight now.

    Six Month Smiles doesn’t come without some discomfort and you have to consider what you eat. But I knew it was only going to be for a short time so it was fine and in the end the treatment took just over six months. Some people didn’t even notice I had braces because they are clear brackets with white wires.

    I have great confidence in Richard. I know he wouldn’t push me to have anything I didn’t need. Some dentists we have had in the past have been happy to go straight in with the drill but I trust Richard, he is very calm and has a nice manner. My husband and I have been very pleased with the service we get from Castle Gate.

    Tooth whitening was the icing on the cake. It’s the first time I’ve had this treatment and I’m so pleased with the results that I have convinced my husband to have it done too. The treatment is very gentle and the result is natural looking; I didn’t have any of the short-term sensitivity that some people experience.

    Castle Gate Dental Practice is very, very efficient and excellent at fitting in appointments to suit you. I always found them to be very accommodating. You are always seen on time and it’s not the kind of practice where there are lots of patients sitting around waiting for their appointments. There is a lovely atmosphere and you are always made to feel welcome.

    Gillian Wild, Dursley

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  • "I was immediately impressed with Castle Gate Dental Practice and felt comfortable straightaway"

    I joined Castle Gate Dental Practice about two years ago. I’d been unhappy with the service from my NHS dentist and as I live in Dursley and Castle Gate was just up the road, I thought I’d try them.

    As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the Ruth’s smiling face at reception. She was so helpful and so friendly that I felt comfortable straightaway. She took my coat, hung it up for me and showed me round – it was more like visiting a hotel than a dental practice. I was immediately impressed.

    Richard is my dentist and I see him every six months, and I also visit the hygienist every three months. The difference between Castle Gate and my last dental practice is tremendous. They are friendlier and chatty and both the dentist and hygienist tell you what they are doing so you always feel informed.

    I am incredibly nervous of dentists – well, I used to be; I’m not nearly as scared now. My NHS dentist wasn’t as sympathetic as Richard, who always chats afterwards and gives me his time. I’m not rushed at all.

    Everyone is incredibly friendly and they know who you are as soon as you walk through the door. The service at Castle Gate Dental Practice is very personal. I felt like just another person at my previous NHS practice. They even had a touch screen system, so you didn’t even speak to a receptionist most of the time. It was so different to Castle Gate, which is worth every penny.

    My son has now joined on my recommendation and I tell my friends how brilliant they are. I don’t know why I didn’t join Castle Gate Dental Practice years ago!

    Debbie Chappell, Dursely

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  • "Joining Castle Gate Dental Practice is one of the best things I’ve ever done"

    My partner has been a patient at Castle Gate Dental Practice for most of her life, so when my front tooth snapped in half she suggested I get in touch with them.

    I went in the next day and they did the best job they possibly could to help resolve the problem. I was so grateful.

    Richard Whitcombe is one of the best dentists I’ve ever come across. He is so delicate and gentle and always lets me know what he’s going to do. I’ve had six injections over the course of my treatment and I can honestly say that I didn’t feel a single one of them.

    Richard knows how to relate to his patients as individuals and gives advice tailored to that person. His statements are clear and precise and this makes such a difference.

    He is a great character and all the staff there are wonderful. I have gelled so well with them all. I was reluctant to join a private dental practice at first and got in touch with an NHS practice but they were so rude and I ended up being charged for something I hadn’t had done. They had clearly mixed me up with another patient but that caused a lot of bother.

    Joining this practice is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Their prices are very reasonable and you get a fantastic service. It’s 14 miles to the practice and I quite happily travel the distance because of Richard’s ability.

    Parking is easy and it’s just a three or four minute walk from your car. There’s always a parking space and they are free. I would thoroughly recommend this practice.

    David Cresswell, Green Farm, Quedgeley

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  • "I’m very happy with the results of my smile makeover. I smile all the time now"

    I would say to anyone considering cosmetic treatment that, if they can afford it, then it is 100% worth doing. It makes you feel so much better about yourself.

    I have always wanted to get my teeth fixed so that I could smile. About three years ago I had a quote from another dentist but it was double what I was expecting. It was astronomical. Ruth (Castle Gate’s practice manager) is a friend of mine and she suggested that I come and talk to Richard.

    The practice is really nice and very relaxed. I’ve had whitening, composite bonding and some crowns and I wasn’t worried at all about having so much treatment carried out. Richard puts you completely at rest. You feel like you are being listened to and I don’t feel rushed like I did when I saw an NHS dentist. There I was just the next person in a queue.

    My teeth were so horrendous that I was very self-conscious about smiling and would always keep my mouth closed when I did. I disliked the discolouration and I’d seen such terrible dentists when I was young that some of my teeth had rotted and needed filling. One dentist had done such a bad job of filling one of my front, top teeth that it was much wider than the rest. My teeth didn’t look even; that tooth was like a white tombstone compared to the others.

    Years ago I went for an interview with Virgin to become a cabin crew member. I didn’t get through but I asked for feedback. I was told that I really needed to get my teeth fixed because they were preventing me from smiling. I’m 50 now, so disliking my teeth has been part of my life for a long time.

    I had always thought that with tooth whitening you couldn’t have certain food and drinks because your teeth would take on the colour. I love Indian food and I was worried that my new white teeth would go yellow. I know that natural teeth do get stained but I thought this was made much worse by having whitening. I now know that this isn’t the case.

    I’m so glad that I made the decision to have the smile makeover because I’m very happy with the results. I smile all the time now – and people have noticed. They’ve said that my face seems brighter and that I’m more smiley.

    One of my favourite sayings is from Dolly Parton. She says that if you see someone without a smile, give them yours. I feel more confident and am smiling more - and that’s making other people smile too.

    Jayne Atkins, Bowcott

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  • "You’re never too old for a lovely, straight smile"

    My children have lovely, straight teeth. They had braces when they were younger but I didn’t have the opportunity. I’m 56 and just decided that now they are grown up and I have more time for myself that I would go for it. I’d always wanted straighter teeth and now I have - and I feel more confident.

    I was already at patient at Castle Gate Dental Practice and I saw a poster advertising Six Month Smiles treatment so I made an enquiry. My teeth overlapped at the front and my bottom teeth were quite crooked. My friends said that my teeth weren’t that bad but they bothered me.

    The braces were a little uncomfortable for the first few days but after that they were bearable and I knew that at the end, I would have straighter teeth, so it was worth it.

    Jenny Hall, Gloucestershire

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