White Fillings

Enjoy a whiter smile

In the past fillings were always made out of either gold or silver-coloured amalgam. Both of these materials work very well but they have one really big disadvantage - they don’t resemble your natural teeth.

At Castle Gate Dental Practice our first choice is always tooth-coloured material - and for more than ten years our Dursley practice has been amalgam free, meaning we do not use the unsightly mercury, silver fillings that used to be commonplace.

For the vast majority of fillings we use a strong composite resin that allows us to provide long-lasting, beautiful, natural-looking fillings that won’t spoil your smile. Our tooth-coloured fillings will be matched with your teeth, allowing you to smile and laugh with greater confidence.

  • Laugh and smile with brighter teeth
  • Fillings are perfectly matched with your natural teeth
  • Long lasting, beautiful results
  • We are proud to be a mercury-free dental practice